E-lab Uppsala:

We introduce entrepreneurship and innovation in education and offer activities to promote initiatives by students and professionals to improve health care and healthy ageing of citizens.

We proud ourselves in creating opportunities in space and time for cross-disciplinary groups to change health care.

Our Uppsala models for innovation and accelerators have been internationally recognized.

Our E-lab activities supported by EIT Health

  1. Add–on curricular course ”Health innovation- an interdisciplinary approach” 5 credits (see attached flyer).
  2. Teaching module E&I in Synthetic Biology- a way to introduce the teaching and training into daytime curricular courses at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.

Activity participants:


Margareta Krabbe, Course leader, senior lecturer in Biology

Titti Ekegren, project coordinator Education

Associated teachers and coaches.

Margareta Krabbe, E-labs and Run4Health

Our University web page: www.uu.se

EIT Health at Uppsala University: http://www.uu.se/eithealth/



Uppsala EIT Health Starter Lab

With the aim to transform the academic landscape of education towards increased entrepreneurial competence and engagement, Uppsala University is building a package of educational and hands-on activities. The target groups span relatively early phase students up to ready-to-fly individuals. The content of the different modules differs from practical work on given challenges to individual mentoring of the development of a viable business idea. The overall goal is to provide tools for problem solving and competence on creative work in interdisciplinary teams. To achieve the goals UU has developed the Uppsala HoTPoT (House of Talents-Power of Thoughts) located at Drivhuset (a primarily student-driven Innovation Hub) supported by e.g. the city of Uppsala, Uppsala University Innovation (UUI) and Uppsala Innovation Center (UIC). This also includes collaboration with nonacademic stakeholders. During 2017 new activities are starting and additional modules will start 2018.

Health Innovation – an interdisciplinary approach is an add-on course primarily for MSc and PhD students with the aim to provide insight about innovative processes and how innovative thinking can be applied in projects in the health sector to improve economic performance and benefit the societal needs. In addition, a second focus is to improve the skill to communicate and transfer individual knowledge, perspective and competence in multidisciplinary teams. Importantly, this course is also open to professionals. The activity is part of the HoTPoT, which also provides a creative innovation environment and support for start-ups.

Students with more developed urge to work on the development of solutions/products for societal challenges can participate in one of two international student competitions, SensUs and iGEM. Participating students work in interdisciplinary teams and activities includes an international gathering at a final competition where ideas are presented to customers, investors and potential end-users. Our Health Starter Lab provides these students with knowledge and hands-on experience of ideation processes, group dynamics, business creation and pitching skills.

A summer school for BSc/MSc students, Summer Innovation Projects (SIP) is under development where innovation projects and challenges from the public and private sector will be presented for students to work on during the summer months. The summer school will commence with a short start-up course at the HoTPoT and continue with regular coaching and meetings with the stakeholders. The activity will also include to the collaboration agreement between UU and the City of Uppsala. Although intended to start in larger scale 2018, a pilot is planned already for summer of 2017.

Researchers with little or no experience in commercialization are given the opportunity to be coached by a business-minded mentor at an eleven month long program, Mentors4Research. The major goals with this programme are to increase interest and engagement in the commercialization of research results, increase the personal network in relevant sectors and increase insight on how to commercialize own research results.

People/teams with a unique and scalable innovative idea can take part of a two-day hands-on workshop at UIC and UUI. Here they will be provided with tools to develop a business idea and identify a viable business model. The workshop method is based on Lean Start-up principles.

In order to successfully address EIT health challenges it is important that research build on the needs of patients and the public sector. Thus, there is a growing emphasis on a patient-centred approach and PPI (Patient and public involvement) in both health care and research. Thus, we will offer a practical PPI module to provide researchers and professionals with principles, guidance’s and frameworks, in addition to practices of involving patients and the public in research. The benefit of involving the intended target group using PPI methods is to make the research relevant to both the research community and to the intended patient.

AIMday (Academia Industry Meeting), was developed by Uppsala University in 2008, and offers a unique opportunity for academic scientists and private, commercial and public organizations to make contacts and exchange knowledge. By matching organization’s need for new knowledge with academic expertise in specific areas, AIMday brings understanding and new perspectives to actual problems. In 2018 we will extends this concept to create a Student AIMday, where groups of students are given the opportunity to engage and practice competences and skills together with external organizations. The benefit for the organizations is a possibility to attract competent students who can contribute to solving issues needing interdisciplinary illuminations. For the students, this will provide enhanced networks and valuable contacts for future careers.

Uppsala University Campus Gotland on the island of Gotland is centred in a very active entrepreneurial milieu and our Health Starter Lab activities will also be offered to students, researcher and professionals there in close collaboration with CGo UUI and the local incubator (GoAhead). Partly due to its location in the Baltic Sea, Gotland is very self-sustainable providing most of the health care and services on site. As a result, Gotland has developed a strong tradition of local entrepreneurship and provides an excellent environment as a test bed for implementation involving endusers from academy, industry and innovation eco-systems.