What is an E-Lab?

EIT Health Starter Labs (E-Labs) are creative spaces that provide the target audience with an educational experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. Emerging from the EIT Health Consortium, E-Labs are dedicated to the challenges defined within the EIT Health priority domains, i.e. “Healthy Living, Active Ageing and Improved Healthcare”. Below we elaborate on three of the key concepts of importance for E-Lab activities.

A devoted physical creative space is often central to an E-Lab, but not necessary. E-Lab educational activities may therefore be bound to a single location or also be joint activities, involving mobility of the E-Lab teaching entity or participants. The activities themselves form a creative space, in which participants actively learn and gain creative confidence from the educational experience.

E-Labs activities might be short or long courses, workshops, seminar series, projects, as well as programs composed of a diverse set of structured educational activities, e.g. business development programmes. Teaching may be in form of lecturing, or e.g. coaching during project work. Using innovative educational approaches E-Labs activities educate through experience, focussing on challenge-driven learning.

In collaboration with public and private actors, E-Labs are able to provide participants the opportunity to master the craft of entrepreneurship and innovation through immersion in real-life challenges. Collaboration partners, who are struggling with the challenges themselves benefit from this interaction. In this way E-Labs build capacity for the emergence of innovative solutions to the social, demographic and environmental challenges that our society is facing, taking active part in transforming the healthcare sector.