Paris E-Lab

Your existing “E-Lab”, its infrastructure and present activities (e.g. courses, modules, events etc.).

French E-Labs is a network based on the two PEPITEs (in French: Pole Etudiant pour l’Innovation, le Transfert, et l’Entrepreneuriat), which are physical places and organizations devoted to students who want to create companies while there are still students, or just after having finished their studies. They are part of a French national organization spread in 29 territorial Academy.

The Paris e-lab builds on the PEPITE Paris centre, which is part of University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC):

Those PEPITEs are conductive environment to innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • To develop a complete innovation chain: to generate interest, to educate and to coach to a sustainable and valuable ventures. It means: to develop awareness-raising actions, extracurricular curse and courses, and expend the pre-incubation program.
  • To build a backbone network: to enhance the connexions with the ecosystems, with the others KICs and with worldwide partners.
  • To set the community in an attractive open space.

Current Activities :

  • Innovation Challenge on a marathon week-end

48 hours to design a start-up businesses to improve welfare in the city. Event co-organized by three student associations of the University Pierre et Marie Curie which are involved in the world of business and innovation.

Public: any student, any level

One of the winners prototyped a vegetal alarm clock

  • I-lab PEPITE Tremplin Award

Taking part of a national big innovation contest. Organization of a local selection.

One of the selected project: an innovative neuronal device

  • Entrepreneurship student’s clubs support

Sorbonne Universités support students who organise meetings, conferences and workshop throughout the year. Example: Thursday’s Open Pitch: Pitch your project to find co-worker to solve a scientific or a business issue.

  • PEPITE pre-incubation program

A one year program mixing academic courses and pro-active, learning-by-doing pedagogical methods, designed to early stage project and young quite inexperienced profiles : week-end bootcamp, 50 hours diploma course, on-demand office hours and tailored workshops, collider to contract a first client, connexions to the best incubators in Paris (Agoranov, SATT Lutech, Paris & Co).

28 students enrolled in 2016/2017 at Paris PEPITE Centre

Example of launched health ventures

  • VIACTI: customized fitness programs for disables people in companies:
  • BEL’AVIE: family support and aging services:
  • Officina Santé: customised online programme for natural solutions to sleep disorders

What would your focus be, as an E-lab, and why (added value, locally and for EIT Health)?

The focus of the Paris e-lab would be to

  • Continue and develop activities, sharing with other e-labs experiences and activities, mixing the two universities (Paris and Grenoble) student population involved in start-up development devoted to the elderly market.
  • To develop learning-by-doing extracurricular courses and curses. Inspiration: the VentureLab education programs at University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurhip
  • To get in touch with the KIC EIT-Digital to cross-develop video case studies
  • To double the “lodging capacity” to set the program in an attractive place for students connected to the vibrant ecosystems of start-up, health’s environment and incubators
  • To train the teachers in teaching entrepreneurship

Added value locally

Pre-incubation expertise : used to deal with early stage project and young quite inexperienced profiles.
In central Paris, taking part of a vibrant ecosystem
Programme in English

A strong bridge between the academic institution (UPMC, INSEAD, Assas, Sorbonne, aso.) and the best economic partners of the Parisian ecosystem (Agoranov, Paris & Co, start-up, banks, aso.)

  • Academics: UPMC and members of Sorbonne Universités grouping
  • Public bodies such as the French Ministry of Education and the national public founder (Caisse des Dépôts)
  • Regional economic and development agency (Paris & Co)
  • Technology Transfer Units (SATT Lutech)
  • Bank institution (Banque Populaire Rives de Paris)
  • Students associations or clubs (Assas Junior Conseil, Doc’Up, Jeunes Pousse Assas, Junior UPMC Conseil, PMCentrepreneur, PMCLab – FabLab)
  • Incubators (Agoranov and 104 Factory)

Added-value for EIT Health

Within EIT health, the French CLC has made a strategic decision to focus on two themes

  • Sleep
  • Real-life data in sustainable cities.

The Paris e-lab will implement this strategy and will support with great attention students with health projects in those areas.

The Paris e-lab will capitalise on the legal status of student-entrepreneur and attract more students, and can share this experience with other e-labs to adapt and the status of student-entrepreneur to other countries with an e-lab (Belgium has adopted this status from 01/01/2017 to students aged 25 or less).

Examples of concrete activities for 2018 (aim, target group, collaboration etc.

Target: 30 students in the Paris e-lab (all students entrepreneurs)

Oct 2018 (tbc): health e-lab week-end bootcamp (mix of lectures and workshops in English with final pitch in front of entrepreneurs)

Oct 2018 – March 2019: Diploma courses

  • Introducing masterclass – 2h
  • Management – 16h
  • Accounting – 10h
  • Marketing – 10h
  • Business model – 2h
  • Ways of funding – 2h
  • Status – 2h
  • Intellectual property – 2h
  • Communication – 4h

April 2018 – June 2018: Focus on the collider (challenging workshops, one day per week, in English with 12 weeks to contract a client)