26 octobre 2018, at FabMSTIC (facing Pepite oZer)

 5 décembre 2018, at FabMSTIC (facing Pepite oZer)


The FabLab Escape was built to help familiarize students-entrepreneurs with the tools of the FabLab, which can be a great resource to prototype their product or services. This game has been played by students already and its success comes from the playing part but also the ease with which students can learn how to use a laser cutting machine for instance.


To register for the next FabLab Escape : https://www.weezevent.com/fablab-escape


Promotional video here : https://youtu.be/ewolnRGx8E8


Article in our Newsletter about the inauguration day : http://1t870.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/66p98kws3f.html

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