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FabLab Escape – The game to discover prototyping tools


Grenoble Elab and the Starter Lab Network of EIT Health, in collaboration with Prismatik, FabMSTIC and Charlie Carpene Conseil, has created a new type of Escape Game : the FabLab Escape where participants learn how to use fablab prototyping tools while playing together, in teams of 3 to 5 people. In this scenario, Dr Magic has to perform a complex heart surgery but his Medibot, a robotic surgeon, has an issue and needs to be repaired. Participants have 1 hour to fix Medibot to save the patient’s life.


Two days were devoted to playing FabLab Escape at the FabMSTIC, next to Pepite oZer where Grenoble Elab accompanies students-entrepreneurs in their business creation. On September 19th and October 26th, 21 students, 7 faculty members and 3 health professionals played the FabLab Escape. They found the game great : « It was awesome ! Thanks a lot », « Very interesting, thanks ! », « Top ! », « Perfect ! Thanks a lot », « I had a great time and discovered some machines. Very satisfied »


The success of the FabLab Escape is such that we are now opening another day on December 5th (registration here : https://www.weezevent.com/fablab-escape-dec2018), and will keep organizing these days in 2019. Students-entrepreneurs who played the game are now familiarized with fablab tools and we will now evaluate to which extend this game has increased their prototyping activity and the use of these tools to develop their own entrepreneurial projects for health and healthy aging innovations.


To see the video presenting the game, it’s here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewolnRGx8E8

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